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City of Dark Magic: A Novel

City of Dark Magic - Magnus Flyte I really rarely rate anything below 3 stars, but I can't help but only give this one star. The one star is for an interesting plot, but the execution was awkward. The ending felt thrown together and a bit outrageous. And, I read a lot of paranormal/time travel/historical fiction. So, to say that it felt outrageous says a lot because I'm a pretty forgiving reader when it comes to outrageous plot lines and plot holes.The one thing that really felt out of place was the sex. I wonder how many teens are going to pick up this book thinking it's just another paranormal teen book. I guess this isn't meant to be a teen book. I'm not offended by having sex in teen books, but it was pretty explicitly described. I'm not a prude, but it was just annoying. What made it really annoying was how awkwardly it was described. The author made the main character practically a nymphomaniac. Not only was it awkwardly written, but it was really unnecessary to the story. But maybe this is the new 50 Shades world where publishers want that in a book. It's not for me.Finally, when I got to the part where it's revealed that in order to move through different timelines you've got to EAT BEETHOVEN'S PSYCHEDELIC DRUG-LACED TOENAILS, that was pretty much it for me. How did that even get through the editorial process? Couldn't they have come up with ANYTHING more palatable than that. Pun intended. And maybe I missed it, but it was never really explained how Beethoven saw the main character. And, I was really clueless as to how Pauls fit into all that.I really don't want to knock the author harshly. I know books are hard to pound out and you can tell she put a lot of thought into the plot and the characters, but I think the editor could have done a much better job smoothing out some of the rough edges.