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Falling Into You - Jasinda Wilder While I think the general plot was really good, the author really tried to pack too many dilemmas into the story. By the time I was 2/3rds through the book and we find out that Colt is illiterate due to dyslexia, in addition to once being a dropout, runaway, homeless, gang member, MMA fighter, singer/songwriter, murdering auto-repairman, I got frustrated and skimmed the rest. I honestly liked the whole "joined a gang" thing. I hadn't seen that in a plot before and the author took a real risk there. But there was just too much piled on his character.Another big thing that bothered me is that he spends that first full day with her after he saves her from getting raped and all he does is bully her into crying about his brother's death and "letting it go." I really felt like his help with her grief should have taken longer and should not have been so forced. The first sex scene with Colt seemed gratuitously silly. I felt like 5 or 6 pages were spent on his orgasm and then another 5-6 on her orgasm. Of course, I was listening to the audiobook. So, maybe it just felt like it took forever with the "Oh God! Oh God! OH GOD!" and all the descriptions. This seems to be a trend right now, but I'm just a fan of less is more. Not NONE but a little less. OH GOD! Just a little less! YES! YES! Yesssssss!Sorry. Couldn't help it.